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Nanoport Mobile Technology

Nanoport lets you combine two or more devices like magnetic building blocks. Create folding tablets, modular phones and play new types of games by snapping together enabled hardware.


Nanodots Magnetic Constructors

Heralded as “Lego for the 21st Century” by C|NET, Nanodots are magnet spheres precision-milled from sintered Neodynium-Iron-Boron created to model intricate interactions at the atomic scale.

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MEGA Nanodots

Developed for exploring the interaction of magnetism and kinetic energy, MEGA are futuristic marbles with a magnetic twist.

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Nanodots GYRO Duo

The first in a new series of magnet and motion experiments. Based on a thought experiment: “What happens when a magnet’s field is allowed to move independently from its surface?”

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With a distinct tactile feel and seemingly magical interaction, it’s no surprise that more products employ the use of magnets today than ever.

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